Sunday, September 16, 2012

New (old) Pants

How has a month gone by since I've written on here! So much is going on- school starting for two in our family, preparing for baby, and daily life seem to be taking up a ton of time! The weather has FINALLY cooled down a bit, letting us enjoy open windows and longer sleeves. I'm pretty proud to say that I survived the Kansas summer while pregnant! Go me!
   Speaking of cooler weather, it's time to go through the girls' clothes and see what fits and what we are passing on.  I started yesterday with a small pile and surprise, surprise, A is still a peanut. I blame this on her diabetes, in that she's still playing catch up from when she lost weight at her onset. She's grown a ton since then, but is no where near growing a size a year, clothing wise.
 Another thing, I'm not sure if other mamas deal with, is that my girls are very picky about the style of pants they wear. They will NOT wear jeans, sweat pants, or anything too baggy. They will only wear super tight leggings and tightish stretchy pants. All of their stretchy pants from last year still fit them, but they are just a few inches too short for them to be called pants!  A's favorite pair of pants happened to be about 5 inches too short for her this year. That's when I added some mama magic to them and wala! New (old) pants!
She asked for red ruffles and we are both very pleased with how they turned out! Over the next week, I plan on going through the rest of their clothes and seeing what is going to work for this years colder months. 
  (Also, I can't claim this idea. A few months ago, I tucked the idea of adding ruffles in the back of my mind after seeing this etsy shop. Their stuff is SO fun!)