Saturday, July 25, 2009

So in love with this girl...

These days, weekends are momma weekends. Due to Aaron work schedule, we don't see him all that much come the weekend, and when we do, he is often so tired that he just sleeps the rest of the time he has off. Of course I miss him, but I don't mind the time spent with Addy. Today was just one of those days that reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to be present in her life.

Today was just one of those exceptionally amazing days. (No, not because of our activities, but because of how simple these actions were.)First, we (well, I watched), went running through puddles left over from last night:

While doing this, there we were treated to seeing these all morning:

I think Addy may be a pilot when she gets older...

Then we grabbed lunch from the grocery store that was cooking out in the parking lot and went to the park for a picnic:

I am loving this summer...

In other news:
*I found out that my town does have a leash law against cats... this is just plain exciting to me! (I hate our neighbors cats... and I do not hate many things!)
*As I type this, a neighbor a few blocks away is blaring Journey and I do not mind at all!
*Addysen's favorite song right now is All of Me by Billie Holiday.
*Aaron is almost done with the first chapter of his thesis! I am so proud of him!!
*I am anxiously waiting for a maternity belt in the mail. I am so sore this time around...

Friday, July 24, 2009

knitting in July

I love these:

and I cannot wait to wear them out. I got the pattern at for free and it was super easy. I actually made Addy a mini pair because she was trying to wear mine and they went clear up to her arm pits.
This is what I made today:
(Pumpkin bars... the 2nd time this month) Can it be October yet??
I tried felting this week also. I had a little bit of yarn left from Addy's hat and made this little bowl. It is perfect for holding my little knitting things that Addy's hands seem to always get a hold of:

(my camera doesn't do so hot with these pictures and I cannot figure out why...)
I decided to take Andrea's advice and go on etsy!! I have a whole one bag up for sale so far but I'm kind of just testing the waters. This is it:

There will be more up soon. oh and it's just
And this is Addy today... she was yelling at me that she was stuck and I came in to find her like this:

I love her so much!
And welcome to the third and final trimester to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! as of today I theoretically have 85 days to go! (I highly doubt she will come that soon though...) but yay! 12 (14) more weeks of incubating!
God Bless!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pillow covers!!!!!!!!!

The couch pillows Aaron and I've had for the last 3 years are a bit ridiculous. The big two I picked out at a thrift store for a couple bucks and they were this awful orange and yellow velvet mess and I finally* made some covers for them. I've been wanting to do this for the last 6 months and they really came out nicely. Here is a before and after:

And these two lovelies are little guys I made for my art final my freshman year in college. (I made a couch... like, I actually built it...) And they were also bright orange. Here are the front/back shots:

I love the buttons!
And I am/almost 7 months pregnant! wow... cannot believe it. Here is a belly shot from today. Notice the sweater on- because it was 62 out today! In July!

Getting BIGGER!!!
God Bless!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Living on Love*

Here are some pictures of the knitting projects I've been working at. The first is an adult hat that Addy likes to wear over her head. (notice the one slipper she has on and her shirt...)

These pictures were taken whilst making the other slipper... I think they are just goofy and darn cute... even though she is wearing them in July.

And here is part of the conversation I was having with Aaron Addy butt into:
Aaron, saying something about living just off of love...
Me - "We can live on love all our lives."
Addysen - "That sounds good mama..."
She amazes me...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Why is it that the fourth of July was almost a week ago and neighbors are still lighting off fireworks every night?? and why do we have weird neighbors? everybody has them... Ours like to pressure wash everything they can think of for the last 3 weeks! I am not kidding one bit. They even took the lilies out of their pond and are pressure washing the bottom of it. [weird] I thought you weren't supposed to mess with ecosystems...
Off of my rant, the fourth was good. We saw some awesome fireworks that Addy loved, ignored, and was afraid of.

I've been knitting a whole bunch. So far, I have finished a shawl and two hats... not worth photographing yet but it's getting there.
Today I had the urge that we needed to just get outside. I love it when at the end of the day, Addy's legs and face and everything else are just dirty! We haven't had too many of those days yet and summer is almost halfway over! So we went to a park and it was so nice just to be outside, and smell like bug spray, and just be hot, and watch Addy run with her little legs pumping as hard as they can.

My loves. I pray that more of these days are to come and that we enjoy them to the fullest.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making while he is gone...

I've been on another making tear... Aaron left yesterday for El Paso, to visit his mom so Addy and I have been trying to keep busy. This blanket was made on Saturday:

I am currently wrapped in it right now and it is quickly becoming a favorite. I'm so glad this JULY weather is blanket weather. (Seriously, I cannot wait for the fall. I love love love fall weather!) and the past 2 days have been fall weather. I'm in heaven!
Before Aaron left yesterday we had muffins! And then went to buy these at a candle loft here in town:

I have this shelf that has three hooks with nothing hanging from them and somehow it came out yesterday at breakfast that I wanted coffee candles for it. So that is what I got! Coffee candles; (Candles with coffee beans all ove them.) I don't know if I will ever have the heart to actually burn them but they look cool.
After Aaron left yesterday, I started in on a new prayer shawl. I haven't knitted in over a year and felt the bug in me, so, that is started. Hopefully it will be finished by this FALL!!
Then Addy and I went thrifting and found these:

The first is a darling, little snail jar that I put coffee in. It will be used for sugar as soon as the ants stop making their home in my kitchen!! And I was super excited to find that valance for $.75! (If I didn't make what is in my home, I am a sucker for the primitive/county stuff...) And why did I only take a picture of half of it? because you only see half of the window in the bathroom... The wall with the plumbing for the shower is about 6 inches in front of the window, creating this awful nook that nothing fits into... weird, I know.

After that was put up, I went downstairs to my little sewing corner and had my eye on this fabric I got for Addysen last week. I ended up with this head wrap/scarf thingy:

It fits my big head and it's reversible. Now I have to make something out of that for Addy like I intended... I just don't know what.
By this time at night it was already after ten. I wanted to stay up though, to make sure Aaron got in from his flight okay and needed something else to do. So I brought up my scraps and out came this mushroom/toad stool:

It's a little over a foot long, so almost my entire scrap box was used to fill it. But it did come out adorable and Addy loves to sit on it! and throw it in the air and let it hit her head.
This morning I went through one of the sewing books I found at the thrift store (from 1986) and wanted to make Addy something else. So out came this owl:

His name is Hootie and he is rather creepy! Addy loves him. That is her little arm next to him, sleeping. (I had to sneak into her room while she napped to take that pic.) He is a lot smaller that what the pattern was, and I kind of just looked off of it. I had that fabric for about 2 years, it's corduroy, and I guess I was saving to make something special... And he has button eyes! Big ones!
Blah- that is a lot of making... Speaking of making though, here is something else I've been making for the past 6 months:

I have lost my feet!
God Bless!