Friday, July 24, 2009

knitting in July

I love these:

and I cannot wait to wear them out. I got the pattern at for free and it was super easy. I actually made Addy a mini pair because she was trying to wear mine and they went clear up to her arm pits.
This is what I made today:
(Pumpkin bars... the 2nd time this month) Can it be October yet??
I tried felting this week also. I had a little bit of yarn left from Addy's hat and made this little bowl. It is perfect for holding my little knitting things that Addy's hands seem to always get a hold of:

(my camera doesn't do so hot with these pictures and I cannot figure out why...)
I decided to take Andrea's advice and go on etsy!! I have a whole one bag up for sale so far but I'm kind of just testing the waters. This is it:

There will be more up soon. oh and it's just
And this is Addy today... she was yelling at me that she was stuck and I came in to find her like this:

I love her so much!
And welcome to the third and final trimester to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! as of today I theoretically have 85 days to go! (I highly doubt she will come that soon though...) but yay! 12 (14) more weeks of incubating!
God Bless!!!!

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