Saturday, July 25, 2009

So in love with this girl...

These days, weekends are momma weekends. Due to Aaron work schedule, we don't see him all that much come the weekend, and when we do, he is often so tired that he just sleeps the rest of the time he has off. Of course I miss him, but I don't mind the time spent with Addy. Today was just one of those days that reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to be present in her life.

Today was just one of those exceptionally amazing days. (No, not because of our activities, but because of how simple these actions were.)First, we (well, I watched), went running through puddles left over from last night:

While doing this, there we were treated to seeing these all morning:

I think Addy may be a pilot when she gets older...

Then we grabbed lunch from the grocery store that was cooking out in the parking lot and went to the park for a picnic:

I am loving this summer...

In other news:
*I found out that my town does have a leash law against cats... this is just plain exciting to me! (I hate our neighbors cats... and I do not hate many things!)
*As I type this, a neighbor a few blocks away is blaring Journey and I do not mind at all!
*Addysen's favorite song right now is All of Me by Billie Holiday.
*Aaron is almost done with the first chapter of his thesis! I am so proud of him!!
*I am anxiously waiting for a maternity belt in the mail. I am so sore this time around...

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