Saturday, July 11, 2009


Why is it that the fourth of July was almost a week ago and neighbors are still lighting off fireworks every night?? and why do we have weird neighbors? everybody has them... Ours like to pressure wash everything they can think of for the last 3 weeks! I am not kidding one bit. They even took the lilies out of their pond and are pressure washing the bottom of it. [weird] I thought you weren't supposed to mess with ecosystems...
Off of my rant, the fourth was good. We saw some awesome fireworks that Addy loved, ignored, and was afraid of.

I've been knitting a whole bunch. So far, I have finished a shawl and two hats... not worth photographing yet but it's getting there.
Today I had the urge that we needed to just get outside. I love it when at the end of the day, Addy's legs and face and everything else are just dirty! We haven't had too many of those days yet and summer is almost halfway over! So we went to a park and it was so nice just to be outside, and smell like bug spray, and just be hot, and watch Addy run with her little legs pumping as hard as they can.

My loves. I pray that more of these days are to come and that we enjoy them to the fullest.

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