Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Almost there!

Okay, let me try this again. I just wrote up an entire blog post then it disappeared! So here's the shorter version:

Last Saturday I had a friend surprise me with throwing me a mama blessing! We did my belly cast and everyone brought beads and gifts to celebrate. I seriously have the best friends ever. They are such an amazing group of women and I'm so excited to be bringing a new life into that circle. 

And here we are today, at 38 weeks.  It's getting so close to baby time and I'm so ready! We have checked everything off of our lists and are now just waiting on this little boy to come join us earthside. Now that everything is done, I've been trying to finish up some knitted things and start on some small Christmas gifts.  Just last night, I finished the sweater I'm wearing in the pictures below. It's the first sweater that I've made for myself that actually fits me the way I wanted it to! I'm pretty excited about it and plan on living in it all winter :) Ravelry notes are here.

I feel like you need a drum roll before you scroll down to see this big belly on me! He's definitely out there and I'm totally in that last month of largeness! 

As for a baby update, J's been head down for over the last month, and is active as ever. He's actually hurt me before and I have to do counter pressure on my belly because he's so strong!   We are gearing up for a super low key Thanksgiving tomorrow, with just us and my mom here. She's been staying with up for the last month and her presence here has been SO helpful! Just having her here for the girls to hang out with while I rest. I'm definitely feeling inward and calm right now, like something big, (birth!) is going to happen any day now! 

My next post should be on the girls. They are learning and growing so much!