Friday, July 30, 2010

One hat, two hat, pink hat, blue hat


Here's my summer studio for the week! More fiber!

Two hats finished this week!

Boy I've been on a fiber kick! I really need to update my Ravelry profile because I've gotten some projects done here lately. I guess that's what happens when my sewing machine is put away. And I've been making things for me! There was that bag last week that was finished, which has proven great as a diaper bag. It's so stretchy. I can fit so much in there! The pink Urban Jungle hat was finished wednesday night. I love it. I thought about gifting it, but that's about as far as I got.I love it. It is a little on the brighter side and that is totally fitting for me. Now, if it weren't 90 degrees out every day I might get to wear it.


And this little hat is for a friend of mine who is due with her first this fall. The girls and I went to the library today and I rented One Skien, (Again!) and made the baby hat. I started and finished it last night. I do love projects like that. I've got a few more fast projects for other people to do this week.
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Thanks for stopping! Have a great day with many blessings from Him!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Last Time

I'd just like to share a few photos from the air show this past weekend. It featured DC-3 and C-47 airplanes, some of which were used during WWII. There was a reinactment camp set up at the entrance which was a sight to see. Our family had a great time listening and learning about these planes.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I can't sleep! It's 11:30pm and my mind is going crazy. I sort of feel like I'm trying on a new pair of shoes that I already have, just a different color, because usually I blog in the morning with a cup of something hot next to me and two little munchkins hanging on me. Right now the entire house is quite except for a movie and the crickets outside.

So, here are the things on my mind right now...

*There is so much going on I feel like my head is spinning! It's all good though.

*God is here all the time and I'm just trying to follow His lead.

*We did find a tenant for our house, whom I happen to have known for the last (almost) two years!! (so, totally God's work, as is everything, but the timing for all of us couldn't be more perfect!)

*Our basement is this > ---- close to being finished! All we need to do is put the trim up, or down...? We ended up putting wood laminent down and it looks so different! I will post pictures this week.

*As of right now, we do not have a house to live in yet in KS.

*I started this hat yesterday. I love when I just happen to have the exact kind of yarn and right size hook on hand! (And the pattern is free!)

*We are all almost better! Poor Elli girl had a fever yesterday so popsicles and baths it was.

*We went to The Last Time over the weekend. I absolutely love old war planes and we got to tour 3 of them. It was awesome. Pictures soon of that.

*I'm watching Feast of Love right now. It's one of my favorites.

*Thank you to whomever is reading this at this very moment. I love that I am finally getting to meet new people through this blog.

*My little brother Jarred graduates from basic training on Wednesday. I am so proud of him and sad that I'm the only on out of our immediate family that won't be there to watch him. However, when we move to Kansas we will be a whole lot closer to him than anyone else he knows. I miss him.

***I need to go to bed!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer studio

This week, amidst the packing and sickness floating around the house, a little bit a making continued. My bag is finished! I had a hard time finding a spot to photograph it... so, here it is.

We also did collages this week. Addy liked using beans and lentils to make a tree and I had fun as well.

I tried putting petals on a vase with mod podge but didn't let them dry out first. They are turning brown now. Whoops.
Happy making!

Thursday, July 22, 2010



It's 91 degres outside and I'm on my third cup of hot tea today... The girls and I are sick with lovely summer colds. Addy really has it in her chest and has been loving the honey and defend and resist tabs I've been giving her. Elli is just nursing a little bit more than usual and acting like nothing is bothering her. She decided that today she would start pulling herself up! Sweet girl, she is growing a mile a day.
Aaron leaves this weekend to find us a house! yeah, we are a little late with that, but we've got ten lined up to look at on Sunday. Hopefully he finds one in the neighborhood we like, we make an offer, it's accepted and we are able to close before he has to start working... yeah, um, I'll keep posting on that! Hope everyone feels better than I am!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Studio

Joining Heather, amongst others, for summer studio.

With moving approaching soon, I've taking to knitting (and crocheting) to fufill my need-to-make-things urges.

I signed up for the The Weekly Stitch newsletter from Lion Brand and this pattern caught my eye. I decided to try it and it's going well. I rarely crochet, in fact, I haven't crocheted from a pattern in almost 3 years! I've been using to read crochet refences as a bit of a refresher.

I made a hat last week and finished a few days ago. There are all sorts of yarn in there since I just used a lot of scrap yarn. It had no intended owner when I knit it up. It fits Addy so she has claimed it.


And this busy girl... looks awefully cute with pigtails :)

This week Addy is learning to write her name and Elli is learning where her nose is. I am learning how to pack our house up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Just a quick update! We've been so busy here lately that I've not had time to post!

*The basement is getting done. Drywall is back up, painting and flooring this week.

*Addysen's Dr. just sent back a letter to the insurance company for pump approval. If this goes through, her pump will be paid for 100% and we should have it in the next month. This is fantastic news! This would mean site changes every 2-3 days instead of 4-5 shots a day. This would also regulate her blood sugar and prevent lows/highs with the continual glucose monitor attachment. It would check her blood sugar every five minutes! We are so excited!

*We put our house in the paper to rent last week. We've had over twenty calls since and have opened up our home to 8 people already! I am up to my ears in rental applications and have yet to call references.

* This ^ means we are moving next month. So. Much. Packing.

*Elli is crawling. Everywhere. And she just woke up! Back to work, my friends! Take care!

Friday, July 9, 2010

summer studio

I'm joining in again with Heather over at Beauty That Moves for the summer studio tour!

This week we finished up painting our paper mache containers. I asked Addy to keep the paint on the newspaper, but does that ever work? :)


And because she is mobile now, I had to put the baby in jail...

I also painted the Elli's toenails for the first time. You should have seen her watching so attentively! She had no idea what I was doing but stayed still just long enough for me to paint them. (And if you are wondering, she is 8 months old :))

I also finished this sweater for Elli! This had been on the needles for a few months and seemed it was never going to be finished... but then it was.

It fits, too! This was made more from an idea than a pattern and actually started out as a hat.



I just love seeing mama-mades on her.

Unrelated - Have any of you heard of the Flea Market Style magazine or am I just out of the loop?( Here is the blog for it.) The magazine is full of fantastic ideas and loads of inspiration. With our move coming up I am seriously thinking of selling our stuff just so I can go to a flea market.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good Morning


Just wishing you a lovely morning doing what you love :)
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Monday, July 5, 2010

A blanket of sorts

A couple of weeks ago, (before I packed up Blanche, my beloved sewing machine,) I whipped up this blanket for my dear friend, Kaitlin. She had told me once that if she could have anything in our house, it would be hands down the blanket from this post. She's an awesome lady and I really wanted - needed to make her something. We are supposedly moving next month so I needed to bust out a little bit of my stash. I haven't bought fabric in months either and all of my fabric ended up fitting in two suitcases!

The blanket was made by a lot of scraps left over from the girls clothes I've made over the last few months, some bought new, others given to me or thrifted. There are even some of the same fabric in both blankets! I used a thrifted bedsheet for the back of the blanket. I love doing that. If you keep your eyes peeled you can find some lovely floral printed sheets for a dollar or less. And Kaitlin loved it! She cried, making me cry :)

Side note- I highly recomend listening to the Billie Holiday station on pandora... just because:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Have fun and be safe!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Studio: 1

I'm joining the summer studio tour over at Beauty That Moves.

This week we brought the studio outside and upstairs. Lots of making going on around here.

Paper Mache... always a good and messy time

A little something for my seasonal frame, made with watercolors and watercolor pencils.

The dining room table, piled high with art stuff.

The finished product :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Basement blues

ay yi yi!
Our basement has flooded twice in the last month. It's moldy. So, we have torn the carpet up, taken down some dry wall and are about to start cleaning it up.
We had to pack up everything in the basement. Half of our basment is/was finished so all of that had to get out also.

My little studio was down there, too.
I'll give you a little before and after...


My sewing machine is in storage! wu!!

On the brighter side of all of this, packing all of this up means that half of our stuff is already packed for Kansas. We should be there sometime next month.
The basement should be done by next week sometime (hopefully!!) In the meantime we've been creating lots everyday. More on that soon!