Friday, July 9, 2010

summer studio

I'm joining in again with Heather over at Beauty That Moves for the summer studio tour!

This week we finished up painting our paper mache containers. I asked Addy to keep the paint on the newspaper, but does that ever work? :)


And because she is mobile now, I had to put the baby in jail...

I also painted the Elli's toenails for the first time. You should have seen her watching so attentively! She had no idea what I was doing but stayed still just long enough for me to paint them. (And if you are wondering, she is 8 months old :))

I also finished this sweater for Elli! This had been on the needles for a few months and seemed it was never going to be finished... but then it was.

It fits, too! This was made more from an idea than a pattern and actually started out as a hat.



I just love seeing mama-mades on her.

Unrelated - Have any of you heard of the Flea Market Style magazine or am I just out of the loop?( Here is the blog for it.) The magazine is full of fantastic ideas and loads of inspiration. With our move coming up I am seriously thinking of selling our stuff just so I can go to a flea market.

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  1. I love those cute little painted baby toes! The sweater is adorable to. Well done!