Monday, July 26, 2010


I can't sleep! It's 11:30pm and my mind is going crazy. I sort of feel like I'm trying on a new pair of shoes that I already have, just a different color, because usually I blog in the morning with a cup of something hot next to me and two little munchkins hanging on me. Right now the entire house is quite except for a movie and the crickets outside.

So, here are the things on my mind right now...

*There is so much going on I feel like my head is spinning! It's all good though.

*God is here all the time and I'm just trying to follow His lead.

*We did find a tenant for our house, whom I happen to have known for the last (almost) two years!! (so, totally God's work, as is everything, but the timing for all of us couldn't be more perfect!)

*Our basement is this > ---- close to being finished! All we need to do is put the trim up, or down...? We ended up putting wood laminent down and it looks so different! I will post pictures this week.

*As of right now, we do not have a house to live in yet in KS.

*I started this hat yesterday. I love when I just happen to have the exact kind of yarn and right size hook on hand! (And the pattern is free!)

*We are all almost better! Poor Elli girl had a fever yesterday so popsicles and baths it was.

*We went to The Last Time over the weekend. I absolutely love old war planes and we got to tour 3 of them. It was awesome. Pictures soon of that.

*I'm watching Feast of Love right now. It's one of my favorites.

*Thank you to whomever is reading this at this very moment. I love that I am finally getting to meet new people through this blog.

*My little brother Jarred graduates from basic training on Wednesday. I am so proud of him and sad that I'm the only on out of our immediate family that won't be there to watch him. However, when we move to Kansas we will be a whole lot closer to him than anyone else he knows. I miss him.

***I need to go to bed!

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