Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a good couple days around here lately. I have a clean house and both of my lovers are sleeping right now so I really cannot complain. I've been making dresses for Addy and they are coming out so good! and fast, too. I will post some on here as soon as I get batteries for my camera.
Today church was outside at the band shell. It was so nice! Addy thought we were going to listen to music and I guess we kind of did. It did get a little warm and Addy kept telling me, "I'm too hot, mama!" She's a doll. We also found more mulberries on our walk tonight. Addy looked like the joker after she ate a bunch with her purple mouth.
I've been using homemade laundry detergent for about 2 weeks now and I cannot tell a difference. I was using Shaklee detergent (which I love so much) but I am a cheapo and it was just too expensive for our family. So, the recipe for this stuff is 1 bar of soap, (I use ivory), 2 cups baking soda, and 2 gallons of really warm water. Grate the soap, heat it up (until it melts) and add it to the water. Then add the baking soda and shake it all up. I use squeeze bottle to pour it into smaller increments because the soap settles at the top and it's easier to shake it up right before it's used. Then you use a half cup for a load of laundry.
So, that's that! Oh I think I spent less than 2 dollars for one batch! and that's at least 30 loads of really dirty laundry. There are a ton more recipes online but I had a really hard time finding washing soda at wal-mart. I prefer using dry soap over liquid... so I'm still hunting for that.

My little lovie has a good time at grandpa Larry's in the pool. Don't worry, Aaron was right there with her, watching her float.
Well that's all for now. I'm going to bed only to wake up in a few hours to use the bathroom, then again around 3:30am then probably again around 7... lucky girl!
God Bless!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Red, White and Blue

Addysen needed a cute outfit for the upcoming events surrounding the 4th of July. Well, she didn't 'need' anything, but I needed to make something for her! I was super excited to find the fabric for only $2.50 a yard at walmart. I decided this year to go with the more old school colors, you know, not so bright-in-your-face colors. I am pretty please that it turned out so well. And fast, too. I probably spent an hour on both pieces. Here are some close ups:

She is beginning to love modeling for me on the table. Hope I didn't create a monster!
This past weekend I had my first (and quite possibly last) garage sale. Friday, it started raining about an hour and a half into it, and Saturday I had ONE person show up. From that sale a made $2.00 but it was a whopping $17.00 to put the ad in the paper so I came out with -$15.00 profit. On the happier side of that, we still got rid of a whole bunch of junk, thanks to the drop off center at good will and I made this while waiting patiently for no one to show up: It is a table runner! Why I had to make a table runner, I don't know but it turned out adorable. Now I need to find some candles to go with it, which I probably have in my basement somewhere.

So here are some things that I am finding I cannot live with out at the moment:
Although I believe that this does not actually aid in preventing stretch marks, it feels so good to just rub all over my growing belly!

This is my new summer jewelry that I made a few weeks ago and haven't stopped wearing:

This stuff is so yummy! especially when I shouldn't be drinking as much coffee as I am!!

And this is what I have been reading every night:
I think every woman who is ever going to have children should read it. It is so, so good!

Yesterday morning I was woken up by Addy at 730. I was so tired and did not want to move! Then Addy said she wanted to go to church because she loves God! What two year old says that!! I was so impressed that she got me up and moving and we went to church. It was a great way to start the day.
I think that's about all that has been going on here lately! I need to go do dishes now and clean my floors! yippee!!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The fruits of my labor!

This is homemade english muffin bread with homemade butter and (store-bought) jelly. I plan on getting some locally made jelly/jam this weekend at the farmers market if I can get away long enough! I'm off to spend the day with my lovers! God Bless!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer will officially start on Sunday! We have already started doing some of the summery things though here in the last week. Last Wednesday Aaron, Addy and I went to the band shelter and listened to the summer syphony. We ate popcorn and apple pie a la mode while we listened. What a good night. Addysen listened so intently and was fascinated by the drums! We also ran into my old grade school band teacher and her family. I hadn't seen her in over ten years so that was super neat to both sit there with our familias!
On Sunday I made (for the first time), peach cobbler from scratch. This will be a summer tradition now because a) it was soooo yummy! and b) I'm pregnant so I will be making this a lot now! We topped it with ice cream and ate on the porch. It was a perfect night!
I love food! haha! what preggars doesn't! So, it has been really hard to keep my weight gain at bay this time around. Walking is definately helping a lot though. Addy and I have been going on walks ever night before bed, and sometimes Aaron goes too. We have found that there are a ton of mulberry trees on the canal so we have taken to forraging through them. Talk about fun with a two year old! I love it so much! I wish they lasted all summer! But back to my original reason of bringing up the weight issue - Friday, at our midwife appointment I had only gained two pounds in four weeks!! But I really have popped over the last month and come to find out, my uterus gained a wopping 7 cm!! which measured me at 27 weeks, not 22! I couldn't believe it! well I could though, I've really felt it stretching this time around. It also seems that since we are going the more holistic route this time around I've been much more in tune with my body and self, than I was with Addysen's pregnancy. All in all though, I am enjoying myself. I love being pregnant. I just need to let go of that fear of after pregnancy...
I am typing on Aaron's computer so I do not have many new pics on here... so here is an oldy but goody! Addy was about 6 months here and just a sweet heart at her first time to the pumpkin patch! (fyi: where we also were married...) I LOVE fall! so this last week the IL weather has been very fall like. mid 60's when we wake up with the windows upon and we still have not had to bring the AC up from the basement. Supprising huh! But I love love love fall! So much so that I keep fall candles out all year and light them while I sew and am in the basement. I am super excited to be having this baby in the fall also... Hopefully by Halloween!! Who knows... Well, here I am last Friday at 22 weeks exactly: Yes, Bump indeed!! Addy has been sitting on her balls lately and it cracks me up! I bought an exercise ball to use throughout this pregnancy for exercise and just plain relief so I sit on it all the time. Well, Addy is now sitting on her own 'birthing ball' and I have got to get a picture of it. It's too cute. She rocks back and forth and says she's like momma! She has also learned where God is. I ask her where and she says "In me/my heart!" Oh how I love hearing that! and She reminds us now to say grace when we are at the table!too cute. I can't help but feel that I'm raising a strong, christian girl, (with Gods help of course), in this day in age!
Well, Aaron should be home soon with Dairy Queen! I swear he eats more like a pregnant woman than I do! heheh sorry Aaron, but I'm not complaining!
God Bless!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've been on a making tear lately! two pies in two weeks, some clothes for Addy and even a blanket for little Elli baby. Addysen has been a doll through all of it also, she helps me while I sew by sitting on the desk next to me and watching. She also loves being measured! It's too cute, she lifts her little shirt up and makes sure I put the tape over her belly button. Too funny. This morning I finally went ahead and made Addy a house sweater. I have a particular one that I wear just about every morning when the windows are still open and it's cool in the house and Addy needed one too. The picture though, Addy looks like a sad, depressed 2 year old. She's been wearing it all day and I'm pretty proud. Aaron started his summer school class already and has been reading away. I've been reading a lot too, but mostly mindless books that just give me something to do. I made the new years resolution to read 75 books this year and I'm not quite sure where I am at yet.
Addy has really been into painting over the last two weeks. She received paints from our friend Lori and her boys for her birthday last month and is so creative with them. We decided to make bird houses for Father's Day gifts for her grandpas. She is quite the artiste! Tonight we are going to watch and listen to the municipal band at the outdoor band shelter in town. I am super excited and I hope Addy enjoys it as well. I'm also hoping it warms up a little around here, but also not because I've been overheating very quickly lately! hehehe
I have learned the wonderful art of freezer paper stencils! And I even made a special trip to the thrift stores to find little onesies to paint. Here is Addy's new skirt that I love so much. Addy likes the little owl on there.
I think it's about time for me to eat again! God bless!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

N.N. (nothing new)

Actually there is a lot new going on here come to think of it. We found out last week that we are having another girl! We are so excited and very blessed with this baby. I am 21 weeks yesterday and am considering that half way. So another 21 to go! Addysen is a wild woman! She has been just all over the place lately and I am having trouble catching up to her! She is also into the Little Mermaid now. Oh goodness, we have to play it at least once a day, now whether she watches it is another story, but she is into it. Today Addy and I made it to the local farmers market and I totally forgot how much I love it there! I bought some locally made honey and soap and the honey is delicous! mmm I love honey... it's just finding something yummy to put it on. Thursday night I made Addysen an 'A skirt.' I will post pictures of it soon, after I make a shirt to match. I also tried out freezer paper stenciling and I love it. I just have to find more designs to use.