Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've been on a making tear lately! two pies in two weeks, some clothes for Addy and even a blanket for little Elli baby. Addysen has been a doll through all of it also, she helps me while I sew by sitting on the desk next to me and watching. She also loves being measured! It's too cute, she lifts her little shirt up and makes sure I put the tape over her belly button. Too funny. This morning I finally went ahead and made Addy a house sweater. I have a particular one that I wear just about every morning when the windows are still open and it's cool in the house and Addy needed one too. The picture though, Addy looks like a sad, depressed 2 year old. She's been wearing it all day and I'm pretty proud. Aaron started his summer school class already and has been reading away. I've been reading a lot too, but mostly mindless books that just give me something to do. I made the new years resolution to read 75 books this year and I'm not quite sure where I am at yet.
Addy has really been into painting over the last two weeks. She received paints from our friend Lori and her boys for her birthday last month and is so creative with them. We decided to make bird houses for Father's Day gifts for her grandpas. She is quite the artiste! Tonight we are going to watch and listen to the municipal band at the outdoor band shelter in town. I am super excited and I hope Addy enjoys it as well. I'm also hoping it warms up a little around here, but also not because I've been overheating very quickly lately! hehehe
I have learned the wonderful art of freezer paper stencils! And I even made a special trip to the thrift stores to find little onesies to paint. Here is Addy's new skirt that I love so much. Addy likes the little owl on there.
I think it's about time for me to eat again! God bless!

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