Saturday, June 6, 2009

N.N. (nothing new)

Actually there is a lot new going on here come to think of it. We found out last week that we are having another girl! We are so excited and very blessed with this baby. I am 21 weeks yesterday and am considering that half way. So another 21 to go! Addysen is a wild woman! She has been just all over the place lately and I am having trouble catching up to her! She is also into the Little Mermaid now. Oh goodness, we have to play it at least once a day, now whether she watches it is another story, but she is into it. Today Addy and I made it to the local farmers market and I totally forgot how much I love it there! I bought some locally made honey and soap and the honey is delicous! mmm I love honey... it's just finding something yummy to put it on. Thursday night I made Addysen an 'A skirt.' I will post pictures of it soon, after I make a shirt to match. I also tried out freezer paper stenciling and I love it. I just have to find more designs to use.

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