Thursday, May 21, 2009

allergies = unhappy pregnant woman

I do not like allergy season! at all. Today is actually been the best day so far but still, this is the fourth day I've had them and I'm afraid to go outside! I hate taking drugs, not just recreational - yuck- but allergy meds... I feel all weird and yes, hate them. So, since I have been attacked by allergies since Monday night, I have not been able to do much at all. My house is a mess, I miss my family, and it has been beautiful outside and I haven't enjoyed it one bit.
Monday night was also devastating - My sewing machine broke! :( It is sitting at the sewing shop right now, waiting to have an estimate done.
The really sad part is that I was stitching the rest of the binding onto a quilt and had only 1.5 sides left before it would be finished. This quilt was for a wedding gift - TOMORROW! it will not be done, so they get a card, (I will finish it!)
On a side note worth mentioning, my husband is amazing and brought home muffins from Muffins-n-More. I have a weak spot for their pumpkin spice, cream cheese muffins. yum!
Well, I was on a sewing tear right before the machine died. Here are some things I did manage to finish before my machine went out on me.
The first is an apron I made for a newlywed friend of mine. and the second is a brooch I made to wear at their reception... yes a broach! And here is Addy and Aaron all dolled up for that night:
I have muffins to finish now!

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