Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello there. Here is a little bit of an intro~

If you do not know me, well, I'm Natalie. I stay at home with my daughter, Addysen, and I like to make things. I am incubating another baby who will *hopefully make an appearance in about 5 months. I love, love, love my husband........................... I was going to school for a bachelors in art, which I am only 11 classes shy of. As of last Tuesday, I am no longer enrolled though. I will finish some day, whenever I'm done making babies. This last semester as really made it obvious, (to me anyways), that I am good at making thinks with my hands... not drawing or painting though. Which is why during the last week/ 2 weeks, I have found my love of sewing again. It has been about seven years since I have made a blanket, until today that is, I finished my first. The sad thing is, it is not even for me ): We have a wedding reception tomorrow to go to and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I want to keep it. It's just really pretty. I do hope it is appreciated~ I <3>
<-------'The Kiss' - Constantine Brancusi (my reproduction)

It is allergy season right now. I hate allergy season. I hate the way my nose feels like a sneeze is coming on... and about 2 hours later is still feels like that.

On the other end of that- I love to garden. Although I had 5 classes last semester, I managed to plant about 80% of what I would like to this year. I still would like to get some of those hanging tomato plants over on But my sunflowers are in and budding, (my favorite), and I still need to dig up that last rose bush... (when we moved to this house, there were four monsters called rose bushes that were about 6 feet tall. We have since dug out all but 1.)

That's all for tonight. I've made a pretty good dent in this so far, (I think.) Goodnight and God bless**********************

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