Friday, December 17, 2010

nesting: part 1

I've been making new corners in our home along with some new art and some new books. I'm reading for my doula training starting in February!


  1. Yay! I was working with 3 wonderful midwives the past 2 days. I learned a LOT of new things from the Mennonite herbalist (Marietta Miller) about various herbs & essential oils. I have a good base knowledge about herbs for labor and nursing, but Marietta expanded so much. She is a blessing.

    One mentioned if we could get 3 other women in the area interested, we could get a DONA certified teacher to come up from the QC for doula training.

    I haven't paid for Aviva training yet, so might go with DONA training.

  2. N,
    I just finished reading "When Survivors Give Birth" by Simpkin & Klaus. It was a tough, but absolutely worthwhile (I might even say necessary to our profession) read. I highly recommend it; in fact, I think it should be added to our reading list in the future. One of my client's had gone through past abuse & although she never disclosed details (I didn't ask for any...I was just happy she disclosed something that private at all), I do think it negatively impacted her previous births. I was mindful of the details she did give & I know it helped while she labored/delivered. Check out the book & be prepared for anything as you assist moms. xoxo