Sunday, February 26, 2012

More RV Talk:

So, Friday night I was talking to a few girlfriends about the New Big Endeavor we are about to embark on. Then this huge affirmation hit me, and it was sitting in front of me the entire time! After my love is done with course work he will be ABD, meaning he can teach but it will not be anything long term, like semester by semester work. This could mean there may be lots of relocating involved until a permanent job presents itself, (and also until he actually writes and defends his dissertation.) In realizing that sooner or later we might be jumping from job to job, I also realized that this whole, crazy RV dream probably would have popped up then, too. Because who wants to pack and unpack once a year, (or twice!) Why not bring our home with us and just drive to where the next job takes us. This is truly a unique opportunity for us and I'm just so excited, scared, nervous, anxious, crazy in LOVE for it all.
^This^ pretty much sums up my feelings right about now :)

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