Friday, December 16, 2011


Even though it's December, we are still hooping up a storm over here. Here are a few pictures of how amazingly easy it is to make your own hoop. The detailed instructions, (and how I learned how to make a hoop,) are found here!!

First you need to buy irrigation tubing. The higher the PSI the heavier the hoop. I get the 160 psi at 3/4" diameter. Grab a few, (or a lot!) of the 3/4" connectors. The connectors look like this:

You'll also need something to cut the tubing. I use a hack saw but I think a pipe cutter would work a lot better. Then measure the tubing so it comes right up to your rib cage. About 42" in diameter is a great beginner size. Cut your tubing then stick one of the ends in some boiling water. This will make it pliable enough to stick the connector in.
Then, stick a connector in that end. Boil the other end for a few seconds and then join the hoop together.
I usually tape that seam with duct tape, just to give it a little bit more security. Now you have a hoop!
You can buy some colored electrical tape and tape that hoop up. Have fun with it! And hoop away!!

Happy hooping!!

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  1. Thanks for the details Natalie!!
    Happy New Year!