Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There has not been too much going on here lately. I haven't been baking a whole lot or making too much. Addy did get a new skirt this past week and there has been some Christmas knitting going on, as I would like to have all my projects done before this baby comes. And let me tell you, she is coming. That's all I could think about last night was, she is coming! This bump is getting out of control! It is big and round and beautiful and getting in the way more and more. Addy loves on it all the time, then she has to go over to the ultrasound pic we have framed of her and say hello. I also think I have what you call "thunder thighs." They are ridiculously hideous and I am not wearing shorts until next year.
okay, enough of this babbling... onto important things:
Monday night was the first night of intern committee. We get a new intern every year at church and this will be my second year serving on the committee. It was very nice and refreshing. Aaron will be presenting a paper at a conference in a couple of weeks. I get to go with him and we might stay at a bed and breakfast. I am super excited about both of those! I ordered a birth tub last week. Hopefully it will get her by next week so we can master how that works.
How about some pictures now...

This is one of my favorites of Addy. I used my canon rebel something or other film camera and haven't used it since these pics were taken back in April. I think I need to get it out again pretty soon for this new babe.

And this is just Addy being Addy last week. She is getting into dress up and I'm loving it.

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