Friday, March 19, 2010


With their feet.

We have been getting a little stir crazy here so I've been trying to think of some out of the box things to do. Not to mention that we aren't watching tv anymore, which will get another post entirely.
I remember painting with my own feet when I was in daycare at age 4. It's probably one of my first memories ever. I just remember the feel of the paint on my feet and how fun it was.


This was Elliot's first time making art. How cool is that? I mean, her very first time! I, of course, helped but those are her very own footprints on paper. I ended up holding her and letting her stomp her little feet on the paper.


Addysen had a blast, as she does when any paints are involved. I think we might have to do this on a bigger scale outside this summer.


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