Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Jam Concert

Last Friday my mom and I went to the Winter Jam concert with my good friends Savannah and Gabi.

Fist of all, it was a Christian concert. I had been to a million concerts in the past and not one of them were a Christian concert. This one was sooooo different. It was full of love and just totally awesome.


To see that many people who love God in one room was amazing. The place was packed. By the end of the show there were no seats left in there. Floor to ceiling packed!


So, the bands that we saw were, (in order): Revive, Robert Pierre, Sidewalk Prophets, Fireflight, Newsong, Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, and Third Day.
They were all fantastic. I knew way more of the songs than I thought I did and brought home four cds.


(Third Day starting up)

(Cell phones on)


(Mom hanging out in between acts)

(Give love:))

(love this girl! and her little tummy. Savannah is about 30 weeks pregnant here)




Of course as soon as we got out to the parking lot it was back to work again :) I love my life. God is awesome.

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