Wednesday, May 5, 2010

this morning


We are trying to get back to our (new) normal. After breakfast and insulin, Addy and I went for a nature walk and made some new discoveries.


Like a water snake in the canal. Um, creepy! Addy kept waving to it, being the ever polite girl she is.


I found a giant clam shell in the woods for Addy.


So, of course we had to take it home and clean it up. I drilled a hole in it and it's now hanging on the wall next to her bed.


I could feel the wind, hear the leaves rustling, smell the dirt and see green! It was a much needed activity, this walk.


Found wild rhubarb in multiple places. Am going to pick some in a week or two when it's a little bit bigger.


Addy loves throwing sticks in the water. I tried explaining littering to her also, as there was a LOT of garbage underneath of us in the water. That was an interesting conversation to say the least.


And we found mulberry babies! I've been calling all the produce we are growing/finding wild babies so she knows not to pick them yet.

I've got lots to update on. Addy's diabetes, of course, but there were two and a half special birthdays last month and lots of other things we've been up to, including mama mades and food!
God bless you guys who are reading this page again and thank you for your prayers,


  1. natalie what a strong beautiful mama you have become!!! these are the memories your babe is gonna remeber not all the needle sticks i wish you guys nothing but the best!
    amy gaulrapp

  2. I love reading your blogs! Your babies are beautiful and very lucky to have a mama like you! Your pretty amazing Nat! =]

  3. Sounds like a beautiful walk! You seem to be handling this all so well...I'm sure that is a huge comfort to Addy. You're a wonderful mama!