Saturday, May 29, 2010

what gets us through these days

It's been a month already since Addy's diagnosis! Can you believe it. Definatly a month of learning, growing and figuring out how to live with diabetes. And totally a month I am eager to leave behind!
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These get us through. The top photo is Addy's blood glucose meter, which we use at least 6 times a day. She gets her blood checked before meals, before bedtime and if she is active outside.
In the next photo are Addy's insulin pens and supplies. We use these at least four times a day, throughout meals and at bedtime.
The third is the cady I have sitting in the dining room. This holds lots of extras like syringes and alcohol swabs. I try to put everything back in there at night so the next morning I can restock before we leave the house. (We've been going lots of places lately!)
And the last photo is what I use to chart her food with. I am constantly using the calculater to calculate food carbs and the scale to also do so. It's mostly meal time that takes a little extra effort but I cook from scratch already, so whats another few minutes :)
Enjoy your day! It's beautiful out!


  1. could you use a spare glucose meter? I have one still in unopened package you're welcome to if you like.

  2. You are a wonderful mother and Aaron is a great dad. This has to be so challenging and you are doing great. Addysen is such a trooper, I remember doing this for ppl in the hospital but to do it for my child, to be responsible I can only imagine. God Bless!