Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little things,

like making curtains and thrifting plates make me extremely happy. One of the things I am enjoying is making for all the different rooms at this house. We have an actual laundry room on the first floor, (which is awesome!!) It is big enough to keep a table in, acts as a pantry & it needed some window treatments. This fabric was found at walmart, (sigh... I know,) and was on the clearance rack. I was able to make two valances for about $1.60. The cherry print is rather refreshing from all the floral prints that I pick up.




This window is my kitchen window and that yellow is one of two on the walls. The other yellow is very mustard-y and I absolutely love it! Now if I had time to actually finish painting is another story :)
I love hanging plates! I equally love thrifting for them. These plates were thrifted in Illinois at two different stores. I've actually had the brown one since this spring but wasn't put on the wall until after this move. I'm pretty sure I spent less than a dollar on the plates and the curtain was a thrifted bedsheet left over from this blanket made earlier this summer. The little flower pot up there is a wedding favor from our wedding.

I really like how these little spaces are slowly coming together. Our home is coming together.


  1. I love you! You are so creative and awesome...I miss you so much and can't wait to see your home in person!

  2. Your home is very cute! Love the cherry fabric.