Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introducing Pongo

This very ugly kitty came about this afternoon. Addysen very convincingly asked me to make her a black kitty. So, with the sounds of my dear Billie Holiday and a (few) cups of peppermint mocha coffee, Pongo was made.
He did not cost a penny. Every peice of material was from my stash. His body is a knit fabric that used to be a pillow and did some rather wonky stretching during Pongo's making. I wanted him to be odd looking so all his stretching was really a good thing. The rest of his peices were thrifted colored felt I picked up last year. Pongo is stuff with about a third bag of batting (left over from high school!) and a lot of fabric scraps from my scrap bin.

Here Pongo is sitting with his friend Hootie. I made Hootie last summer and used the same book for inspiration.

To make both of these stuffed animals I used this book for a bit of instruction. It is a book called Stitch by Stitch, volume 2 copyright 1985. I did not use the pattern, just eyed the shapes of the animal and made my own. Hope you like them.

I think next up on the list might be a boat for them.


  1. This is the cutest cat ever! I <3 it! :)

  2. that is the greatest!!!! u can make a dinosaur id buy it from ya=)