Monday, November 15, 2010

Addy's pump

I have some exciting news!! Addysen has a prescription for an insulin pump.
This means that after a two week trial using saline, (but still doing insulin through shots,) Addy would then have a site that insulin would go into and I would change that for her every 2-3 days!! This would cut her number of pokes down from up to 6 times a day to a fraction of that. The diabetic aspect of her life would become much easier. Of course it would be a little bit more for me to get the hang of but I am so ready to do this for her.
We've been trying get a pump for her since June. In theory, Addy should be controlling her diabetes with pump therapy by Christmas.
We are just so excited for her and happy that we don't have to hurt her as much. Addy's such a tiny little girl and managing her diabetes can be really hard/frusturating. Just last night she dropped from a blood sugar of 202 to 115 in 10 minutes- not good! This next step in keeping her healthy is huge.
Addy's been diagnosed for about 6 1/2 months now and it is such a life changer. Just learning about food and what it does to our bodies is amazing. Whatching your own child go through a disease like this can be haunting yet so empowering. Addy is by far the strongest person I know... and I'm her biggest fan. Much more on this as we go through the switch from syringes and pen needles to an insulin pump.

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