Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It came!

It's here. The UPS fairy put something in my hands today that will forever change our lives. Addysen now has an insulin pump. I have so much learning to do becore we get to use it, but it's HERE. I've got workbooks complete and pump classes to schedule. We've got lots of phonecalls to make and praying to do.

Last Friday when we left for IL Aaron and I were unsure if Addy was even eligible to get an insulin pump since we just switched endochronologists. Now I have it in my hands and am just astounded at God once again. He just loves us so much:)

Posts on here might get a little infrequent and may just be a little bit more about this permenent guest we have in our lives called diabetes. Of course holiday making will show it's face as well... My hands just never stop making.

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  1. Yea! Hopefully this will make life easier. Happy reading, lady! ;) xoxo