Monday, November 29, 2010

Art in the house

Addysen has always been a little artist. She's been able to test and use an array of media since I saved all of my art supplies from college. She prefers to paint. Every day. I love it. I have a huge bin of the works I save. Sometimes I even sit and paint with her, baby permitting.

Addy also likes to paint her body. I'm okay with that as long as she doesn't have clothes on... On this night, she was very quiet and I knew she was up to something. When I found Addy, she had painted all over her belly. She had lifted up her shirt to do so and was trying her hardest to not get it on her clothes. She still was though, so I set Elliot down and ran Addy a bath. About thirty seconds later, I realize Elliot was all too quiet. She found the paint tray and decided to have a snack... (non-toxic paint of course!! But why, dear Elliot?) Elliot went into the bath as well right after I snapped this photo.

I try to incorperate art everyday here. Especially if one of us is feeling grouchy we just quiet down and use our hands. Elliot drew her first picture not too long ago. I've got to make some pudding so she can finger paint because she just might try to eat the paint... :)

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