Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby dreads

A week ago today, I gave myself dreads. I love them and cannot be happier with them! It's been about a year coming and I was actually going to wait a little bit longer but couldn't take it anymore. It was either dread or cut my hair, and since it was just starting to get long again, I couldn't cut it! After researching them, I realized that back combing them would take a few inches off as well. Then I came across this video, and decided to give it a try. I only lost about an inch using this method, (though will probably continue to loose a bit more as my dreads lock up.) And I put pretties in them already. The day after I did my dreads I put in some embroidery string to brighten them.

I'm excited for this new journey. So far, I haven't had any negative reactions to them but I haven't went out a whole lot during the last week. I'm a bit nervous though. I'm hoping this will be spiritual journey, with God teaching me patience, acceptance, & love. Patience as they grow, twist, turn and do their things. Acceptance in other people both on my part and theirs. And love; loving myself more and loving other people as much as I can.

Also, the maintenance on my hair is already considerably less! I wash them every 5-7 days and blow dry them. That's it. I get to wear pretty scarves that STAY in now. Oh, dreads, I love you <3

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