Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh, hey there!

So, I'm thinking about coming back to blogger. I tried typepad for a while, but for the free version, couldn't figure out how NOT to have a black background. And that get's depressing, ya know? And even tried tumblr for a bit. But couldn't get comments on there, and I like comments! I like hearing what other people think... well most of the time :) I'm going to try posting on here a few times before I make the commitment. Also, want to see if this is as screwy as I remember it was a year ago... so! Let's hope this works. I miss rambling on here.


  1. You might try That's where I went when I was having problems with my old blog, and I love it. It's easy to figure out, has customizable backgrounds, they have a free version, and the comments work. :) And they have really good help if you get stuck.
    You're welcome to check mine out at
    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, Crissy! I was thinking about you earlier this week when I busted my January sweater out to work on finally. Hope you are weill! I'll go check your's out now.

  3. I'm so glad you're still working on yours! I've got mine up to the armholes, and I think I'll be doing raglan shoulders, so I need to do the sleeves next. It's been slow going...some health things got in the way of my knitting this year.
    Let me know what you think of WP?