Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Kitchen

During this beautiful month of October, we have decided to budget our groceries to $400 for our family of four. (Today we are right around $350.) E is still nursing quite a bit so her food intake doesn't make too much of a dent, but she still eats. Her favorite food right now is either balck, white, or garbonzo beans and brown rice with a bit of tamari and tahini mixed in. I love her style. Her and I eat off that for snacks and lunches. A is really liking fish since we reintroduced talapia to her this month. She's always loved it but we did not have any fish, let alone any meat or dairy. And Aaron will eat just about anything I cook, bless him.

So, this month I've been cooking a lot of grains, beans, and seasonal veggies. It's been good. Lots of soup, too. The great thing about soup is that it freezes so well. We are still pretty stocked in the freezer with soups, so if we get really low by the end of the week, we can do soup and homemade bread. Speaking of which, I bought flour in bulk this month! So, we should be stocked for bread for a while, at least until the new year.

I've also been trying to can and preserve some of the fall yummies. So far, I've made pickles, applesauce, and pumpkin puree. I'm still doing small batches of jam when I have fruit that will not get eaten. I love those little jars. What else has everyone been cooking?

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  1. Yum! That soup in the first picture looks delicious! We are making a lot of bread and muffins and soups over here :-) It is helping us keep the heat off...although this morning it is definitely chilly...42 outside...hence all the baking!