Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday and it was such a nice day. First we had muffins, (the best in town that I have talked about before).
We came home and opened gifts and this is one of them!!!

It even makes jam! I cannot wait to use it!!
Then Aaron started his first day of school! I cannot believe it is school time already but he's back making the 2.5 hour drive twice a week. Luckily this is his last semester of commuting and he'll get to just work on his thesis next semester. He's such a busy boy! While he was gone, Addy and I actually went to the mall to find some maternity jeans. I've made it all summer without any and it's going to get cold here pretty soon so I actually bought retail. This was hard for me. Seriously, to go spend a chunk of money on myself these days is not what I'm used to.
When Aaron got back, my mom came over with these:

I love flowers on birthdays.
We then packed up and all headed to the bowling alley! This was Addy's first time bowling and I'm surprised she didn't loose her voice, she was screaming so much. She loved it! It was adorable to watch her push the ball down the ramp and she got a 90 her first time. I think she beat me!!

Happy birthday to me!! and fall is coming! I just wanted that said. Little pumpkins are making their way from the basement already!!!

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  1. so fun. we've never taken the kids bowling - we should!

    what is aaron in school for? i can't remember. did i tell you kurt is in school to? ugh, first day was yesterday!