Thursday, August 13, 2009

Addy's Art Space

Addysen's has a new space. As I am getting tired of going down to the basement (where my little art studio is set up), to let Addy 'make' things, I had a revelation:

Why not bring it up to her!
So that's what we did. I brought up her easel (which was mine growing up), and cleared off half a shelf in our antique mini-hutch thing. And it works good for us! I just leave paper up and crayons out for when she wants to walk by and doodle just a little bit. On the shelf are finger paints, acrylic paints, homemade coloring books along with other kinds of paper, markers, and paintbrushes. She loves having her own shelf that is so accessible to her. (Oh and that is a plant stool we are using for her 'table'!)

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