Thursday, August 20, 2009

Away from home

Today we went to an orchard out of town. Although we didn't do any apple picking this time, we still had a blast!
On the way there, we saw (at least) 50 of these windmills... They are crazy huge and are almost scary to look at. I'm pretty sure that is a house next to the closest one.

At the orchard, there was goat feeding:

And lots of hand holding:

There was jam! (Why do I get this excited and have to share with pictures??) I bought some pumpkin butter!

Bus driving:


Lots of kissing:

And flower picking:

All the ingredients for a great day!

In other news, Congratulations Becky!!!! My cousin just found out she is cooking up a little person due April 2010!! God bless!!! (and while we were saying prayers tonight, Addysen prayed for her Hootie [scary owl thing I made her a few months back] and her bears... little sweetie!)


  1. Tanners!!! Did you get cidar???? yummy.

    my parents live amist the windmills.

  2. yes! and no we did not get any cider and I am kicking myself now. It is sooo good. We plan on going when the pumpkins are out though. and the windmills creep me out. seriously. they are just bizarre.

  3. i admit the windmills are a bit weird! i'm used to them now - they're everywhere. no cider - bad, bad! landen is begging to go.

  4. ***here comes the routine explanation coming from a person who worked at the Iowa Energy Center**
    They aren't wind mills, they're wind turbines - running off of a massive turbine and gear up there on the top. Mills are those things in Holland. And that "house" next to it is a giant power supply thinger with a lot of switches and on-off buttons that controls part of the circuit that the turbines all run on. :)

    Renewable energy and energy efficiency!! Yaaay!