Wednesday, January 20, 2010

on the hunt:

I've been thrifting a couple times lately and found a few things worth sharing on here.
This goofy cookie jar is right up my alley. We did not even have a cookie jar prior to this so my buy was both practical and silly. I make cookies usually once every two weeks so I can't wait to fill it up.

Buttons, you can never have enough buttons, (or mason jars for that matter,) and this full jar was only $3! Around here they usually sell for around $10 so this was my find of the day for sure!

Salt and pepper shakers, not really a neccesity but how could I resist.

Pyrex bowls! oh my, how did I not start hunting these earlier? I'm a big fan of the seventies style bowls with flowers and anything yellow or green. Oh, and that little pin cushion, I've been on a kick making those for all my friends lately. They turn out so dang cute and do not take very long to make at all. The little vintage buttons are just the cherry on top of them.

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