Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, I made the girls' halloween costumes. They turned out great, aside from the fact that I started E's Alice dress a few hours before we were out the door. She even went without it hemmed or buttons sewed on. Do you think she minded? Of course not! Especially since she finally has a big girl dress like her sister.
A's Dorothy dress was made about two months ago, and has gotten a ton of use out of it already. She adores dressing up as Dorothy and can go days without taking that dress off.
Our Halloween was nice and quiet. We went to a few houses, then went to a little barbecue at our friend's house. It's actually quite nice having a diabetic kid on Halloween, we didn't have to do near as many houses.
The pattern I used for their dresses is McCall's M4948 and was great to do really slow the first time. I had never sewn a costume from a pattern, so that was fun going through and figuring all that out. The second dress flew by, partly because I had already made one of them and partly because I was on crunch-time.
So, here they are:

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