Monday, November 28, 2011

It's That Time Again!!

That time where I get quiet around these parts. Time to savor this quick holiday season with my lovies. Time to keep chugging away at the making going on around here. Time to savor each moment and love, love, love.
Here's one of the projects that's already under the tree waiting. It's the Meret beret by Wolly Wormhead. I do love their patterns!

This hat was made about two weeks ago as a gift for a friend. It's the first hat I had done in a while, since last years colder months, and I'd forgot how much I like making hats. We just have so many that I hadn't made any in a while.This one took a while longer than most, since I did two repeats of the lacy pattern. But yes, I love how it turned out and that color!! Oh that's my favorite color right now.
Here's the ravelry link.

Also, time for some linky love. Here's some links to what I'll be up to during this next month!

This sweater is the easiest kid sweater I've made ever! I love it so much that I've made it 5 times in the two years that I've been knitting. I also love how easy it is to customize. I just finished E's last week and will be starting on A's shortly. They are their big mamamade gift for Christmas.

I am loving all the Christmas ornament goodness over at Craft Snob. So. Good!! I will be making at least a few of them with the littles and will hopefully be back over here to show them off.

Have you heard this yet? Oh, Florence.

I'll also be making our wrapping paper with the girls this year again out of recycled paper bags. These will only be for the gifts we bring to Illinois next month, as we use fabric for our gifts here at home. Christmas will be here before we know it! Go get crafty!!

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