Monday, November 14, 2011

jewelry making

Lately, I've been on a jewelry making kick. I had forgotten how much I LOVE making jewelry. Similar to sewing, making jewelry is very quick and I can make something out of nothing in less than an hour. I usually don't make jewelry though, because I only wear what I absolutely love. I am not one to go to jewelry parties or spend money on jewelry. I will, however, (and enjoy,) make jewelry for other people or special occasions. I think the last time I made jewelry was for my wedding, three years ago!
Instead of making something knit for my brother and sister-in-law, (which I totally should have, since they are in Alaska and all,) I decided to do something different for them this year. This little charm necklace and earring set was made for her and has since safely made it all the way up there. She loves chucks and has two kitties, so the charms were appropriate.

And this little ^guy^ is mine. I love mustaches and all of their awesomeness. And I'm spreading that love today, too. I've got another "care" package on it's way to IL with a mustache bracelet and some other goodies going to an Aunt today.
Have I mentioned just how much I LOVE giving and gifting. It fills me up <3

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