Saturday, January 21, 2012


I made this little sweater with the intentions of gifting it but I didn't know to who at first. Then it hit me, that my dear friend who was in a crazy accident could use some loving. She has a little girl, who is 8 months old, that I'm pretty sure this will look cute on. So, that's where it's going!
There's something about knitting, making rather, that really gets me praying. I love praying for whoever the gift is intended for. Whether it be art, something knitted, sewed, or just crafted, sending out love that entire time I'm making it is something that feeds my soul. I love doing it and I think that's why I'm always making.
Ravelry notes here.


  1. Just viewed yur E's room colors!!!....nice sweater too....keep up the great work....luv....lisaB:)