Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sewing for the girls

I've been sewing little things over the last few days and have been making/finishing little easy projects. It feels so good! We also started on E's room, which needed to be painted ceiling to floor! Lot's of painting going on around these parts. I am so excited for how it will turn out. The color is totally her, as are the things going up on her wall. Can't wait to post pictures on here! Here is the little corner that I have finished so far:
I love making new spaces!
Back to sewing! I've made each girl their own dress over the last two days. A gets the sparkly red one, as she adores anything red and sparkly. Her dress is just a t-shirt dress. I used an unused undershirt, cut off the bottom 3 inches and attached the red fabric. That stuff was so silly to work with! Here Jean, from the artful parent, shows just how to convert a t-shirt to a dress, (which is more or less what I did with this one, and definitely where I got the idea to do so :)

And here is little E's dress. I had this idea last year to make a dress with a knit top for the last year or so and even made the knit part last spring. Last spring! So, it sat there for the last few seasons, waiting for me to put it to something. I used two fat quarters that had originally been intended for napkins, but never were actually sewn. And the little flower I found at Hobby Lobby, in there scrap booking section. I think the pack came with 5 or 6 little flowers for a few dollars. So, I just made a tub with the fat quarters, cinched them up and sewed them to the knit top. I didn't sew the knit top closed but did have enough sense to put a button hole in. It fits her great and I LOVE how it turned out. I'm kind of kicking myself for not starting this last year, but oh well :) A wants one, too, so she's up next.

I think it would be so cute with pockets, or in ladies size :)

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