Friday, June 22, 2012

And so it begins.

So, what does this pregnant mama do, just a few days before she hosts a mama blessing in her home? Naturally, she decides to pull up the carpet, yes? From the entire house, yes? The floors are CLEAN now! I mean, I can live with paint splatter for a while, but clean floors, oh my! I'm in love! Oh, man, I don't know if the "nesting" every left after I had E, but it's totally on high alert these days.

See what I mean? I cannot stop making, cleaning, organizing, and just doing. At all.  :)

(Also, the carpet was coming up sometime during the summer, as we are getting it professionally refinished. I could not stand how it would never get clean and did not want a tiny baby rolling around all over it, come December.) ((Also, just realized I already had a tag for "nesting." It really hasn't left, has it?))

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