Monday, June 11, 2012

And there will be three!

The silence over here has been purposeful, as I wanted to wait a while to come out and say it in person to my family and close friends. I'm pregnant again!! This baby was a complete and utter surprise back a few months ago. Addy actually prompted me to go check the calendar after she told me she wanted to be my doula when I have another baby. Um, another baby?! I thought, then ran to the calendar to check my dates and sure enough, she knew already. I was a few weeks late by that point, but couldn't even fathom another baby until I had taken the test. Sure enough, that second line popped right up as soon as the stick was wet!

Well, whoa. After all the crazy in February with Aaron and buying the RV, selling a ton of stuff, and mentally saying goodbye to the house, I had to completely switch gears! No, I did not want to give birth in the RV. No, I did not want to move an hour away from my amazing tribe of women here in Topeka.    It really helped that the very next day after we found out about this pregnancy, Aaron received his first job offer! Thank you, Jesus! Yes, we could now stay since Aaron's new job is a lot closer than his old one!

So, yeah. We took the house off the market and put the RV up for sale. (Someone, buy our RV!!)  We bought a couch. We bought a car!  (Thank you, Kim, for the help with that!) I planted flowers! & potatoes! Because, I can garden again and not have to worry about moving! I started knitting again for this baby. Omygoodness, these tiny projects that finish up so fast!  We accepted our new normal with grins and hugs and began to move through everything.

That's what has been going on over the last two months in our world. Lots of changes and figuring stuff out. But, such is life, eh? Some day, I still hope to have an RV, (or even a house boat!) and travel with my family.   Right now, I'm focusing on growing another life with my body, taking care of my girls and my love, and changing as a woman again! A mom of three!! Holy moly. I'm excited. Christmas is going to be amazing this year :)

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  1. I'm so happy we get to share part of our surprise 3rds together! Just a few months apart really!