Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stolen Craft:

A few weeks ago I got to visit with my friend Carrie and got to admire all of her pretty things in her home. She likes linens as much as I do and we have made plans to go thrifting together- soon! 

I noticed she had some paper dolls framed. While looking closer at them, I realized they were Alice and the White Rabbit and fell in love. Then she told me that she had picked them up at the general store in the Ward Meade park right down the street from me. 

So, the next time we walked down there, I brought some cash and purchased this little set of paper dolls. The girls were very upset at me that I wouldn't share the dolls with them.  I flat out copied exactly what Carrie did :) I found an oval frame at Goodwill for a few dollars and went home and put this little collage together. 

The dining room has been going under a sort of make over lately, so I'll share more about that this week. This Alice collage now hangs in the corner, fitting in quite well with all of our pretties in there. 

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