Thursday, January 6, 2011

A dress/apron of sorts

In this new year, I'm working on saying YES more often and No less. During a bit of down time yesterday, Addy and I caught some of a movie. She saw a little girl wearing a dress and asked for one just like it. More like, asked me to make her one. I hadn't sewn since my last little round of slings, right after Christmas so I agreed. We went through my stash together and picked out this brown plaid. I wanted it to be easy to wear and new I wanted the back open. This is what was made.

I used vintage buttons from my stash and added a little patch of the same fabric to the back, then cut the front out so that when it gets washed, it will fray. I may add pockets for her, as she loves stuffing her pockets with Addy things...
Addy loves it. She wore it last night to Awana, slept in it, then wore it again this morning back to church- with her Christmas pj pants. *Sigh... I love her :)

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  1. I love you friend! Addy and her dress are beautiful! :-)