Saturday, January 8, 2011

Night Life

When Aaron comes home, mama occasionally gets to work. Last night it was more insulin pump training. Most of it was a review, which is why I was able to bring the knitting along. So far, on my own, I've learned how to work the insulin pump, which buttons to push, how to lock it, programming basal units, giving a bolus, using the bolus wizard and how to get it started. We go this Monday to start Addy on insulin pump therapy. She is SO excited. To tell the truth, I am very excited but also a little scared. She's only three and likes to be a crazy girl... I'm just a little nervous of the pump coming undone. This should be no problem though, as I am literally with her always. Addy does Awana on Wednesday nights so I decided to volunteer with that. This way I can keep my eye on her and make sure she's not pushing buttons or tugging on it.
By using an insulin pump it will be connected to her body for 2-3 days. I can enter in her blood sugar and with the numbers I've already programmed into the pump, it will calculate the correct dosage to give her for a bolus. Or I can enter her blood sugar and the number of units of insulin I would like to give her. Then I confirm the dosage by hitting the ACT button and the pump delivers said number of units to Addy's little body to correct for the number of carbs she's consumed (a bolus.)

Right now, Addy is on a second kind of insulin called Lantus that acts as her base insulin to keep her from spiking too high. The pump will also pump a set basal rate into her body every hour of the day, very much like our own pancreas' do, to eliminate the need for Lantus.

So there you have it! Our little world will be totally changed in two days! Please pray for us that this new normal will be as easy on Addy and our family as possible. Diabetes sure does suck but can be totally manageable if you just take the time & patience to manage it.


  1. I learned the other day on The Doctors that type 1 is genetic. I didn't know that. Will this pump be constantly attached or only once in a while?? Where does it attached on the body? Arm, leg etc.. It's very interesting to me, but I feel bad for that little girl.. She is so blessed to have one awesome mama!!

  2. You are awesome Nat! God knew you would handle this so well and even help others in the process. I'm praying that it goes smoothly and makes a huge positive difference in all of your lives. Little kids learn from their parents how to respond and Addy is blessed to have you to look to. I love you guys so much. Give the girls a kiss for me. Talk to ya soon friend! :)

  3. Awesome stuff Natalie! its great you have made the change to using an insulin pump and are learning how much better they can control your diabetes! If you have time take a look at