Monday, January 10, 2011

One more week!

On this morning, Addysen was supposed to be starting her insulin pump... but she is still using insulin pens. Last night and all during today, we are having our first real Kansas snow. Since our instructor didn't want to venture out onto the snowy roads for a 70 mile treck, (and I don't blame her,) we have moved her pump start up another week.

Some might say all is lost, as it really was not fun telling Addy that she had to have shots for another week. But because of the timing in all this, lets just say that this dilemma made a decision for our that had been weighing on my heart for a few weeks. That "decision" was causing some serious stress on my part and I'm just so happy that God made it for me. He is amazing, you know :)

That being said, about time, Kansas!!! The snow is beautiful and Addy and Aaron are getting ready to go out and play in it. I love the smell of it. The dog got to go out in it for the first time this morning. He didn't know what to think. Once the baby wakes up, I think I'm going to bundle her up and see how she likes it. As for right now, my cup of coffee and blanket are doing just fine. I think some knitting is in order for today.... Oh, and there's a lemon poppy seed loaf in the oven as well. All is not lost... no sir.

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  1. It all sounds so cozy with the snow, the knitting, and the baking.