Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frugality check: 2011

This post is a long time coming. I'm always trying to save money but when I do, I seem to sabotage it with spending elsewhere. I'll make a home cooked meal from scratch, then turn around the next day and we'll spend$40 dollars on one meal!
I'll admit, I'm not very organized. I have a hard time keeping up with the house, dog, 2 girls, a very tired husband and not to mention myself. Most days I have no idea what we are going to eat, where we are going to go or what the day even looks like. So, I'm going to try this whole organizational thing... I thought I'd share a few things here today that I would like to either start, do or be involved in, then, every month make sure to update and see how my checklist went. So, here goes!

~ Last night, I wrote down my first meal plan. I know, FIRST ever. I wanted to see if I could plan ahead another week until payday, that way I will only use cash for groceries then. I did it! I found way more in my freezer that I thought we had and even planned ahead for snacks. Can we say lots of stovetop popcorn?
~Meal planning said, I would like to have a central location for all of my planning that is not digital. I have found a few templates around the web for diy planner printing so I'm going to give it a go at that. I think I just might have to sew a binder cover for it to make it cutsies :)
~ I am going to find a better spot for Addysen's diabetes supplies. Her sister is able to open that cabinet and we really frown upon 1 year olds playing with lancets and keytone strips.
~Found this blog. Am adding it to my blogroll and will be reading that more.
~Sundays are now going to be the no-digital day. (Starting small... one day a week) We, as a familia, are going to not use computers or television at all on Sundays.
~ Aaron and I have started playing cards after supper. I love this! After we eat, and while the girls are still eating, we play 1-3 rounds of rummy. It's just great because we have to slow down and just be. Then he helps me with dishes!! Huge help on my part!! Then its baths, books and bedtime for girls... I think after it might have to be bath, book and bedtime for mama too.
~ Our family is only taking cash with us when we leave the house. We've tried this before and have just never followed through. And I am rewarding Addy with pennies when she helps out around the house. This way, we will not come home with something new for her every time we go to the store. If we are saving, she is too!
~Lastly, we are using set monthly allowances. Aaron is a sucker for bad food when he travels and I love thrifting.

I have not added any sort of exercising in here just yet. Baby steps for this unorganized mama. This overhaul started when Aaron and I went over finances last week. He is definitely taking home enough money to provide for us, we just are not saving near as much money as we should. So, here's to living just a bit simpler, taking it a bit slower and doing everything with a thoughtful mind :)

What tips do you have for being more mindful of how and what money is spent in your home?

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  1. Since I have been with Matt (8years) we have always been very low on money.. Now, he is working a great job, and CAN provide everything we need. The only thing we do to save money and build up savings is....We live VERY basic... If it isn't a necessity we go with out it.. Coming from being so broke before, I don't ever want to go back to that..So for now..We just save save save!!